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Created on 2010-03-05 03:58:30 (#481054), last updated 2010-09-05 (367 weeks ago)

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Name:Stretched, tapered, scalpelled, and punched.
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for discussing methods and materials for stretching piercings.
This is a community inspired by [ profile] stretched.

1) BE NICE. No, really, be nice. Unless someone is doing something stupid or dangerous, then feel free to tell them they're doing something stupid or dangerous.
2) Do not refer to jewelry as "gauges" and do not refer to stretching as "gauging". There are proper terms available: use them.
3) TAG the posts. That is what they are there for. Use all relevant tags possible. This community is a resource, and proper tagging will make it much easier to find information.
4) ADD A TITLE to your post that is both relevant and descriptive; i.e. "4g conch punch" or "stretched from 12g to 10g"
5) DO NOT ADVOCATE UNSAFE STRETCHING TECHNIQUES. I don't care if it worked for you, it probably WILL NOT work for someone else, and they can end up with blowouts or serious injury. Anyone advocating unsafe stretching will be banned, period.
6) Don't hotlink. It's stealing for one, and you're apt to lose the pictures in the posts for two.
7) Do not delete or screen comments, or disable comments, or you will be banned.
8) Use a cut tag if you are posting large photos or multiple photos.
9) ALWAYS CHECK THE TAGS FIRST and THEN ask questions.
10) Promote the community! The more, the merrier, and the greater our ability to create an educational and enjoyable forum.

Additional information and details to follow.

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316lvm, acrylic, acrylic plugs, body art, body modification, body piercing, claws, coconut oil, crescents, dichro, dichroic glass, double flared, earlets, earlobes, emu oil, enlarged piercings, exhilaration, expanding, eyelets, flesh tunnels, gauge, gauged, gauging, grapeseed oil, hollow plugs, jojoba oil, labrets, large gauge piercings, modded, modifications, modified, needles, niobium, o-rings, olive oil, organic jewelry, pain, piercing, pinchers, plugs, prince albert, ptfe, ptfe tape, pyrex, quartz, retainers, septums, sewing needles, silicone, single flared, stainless steel, stone plugs, stretching, surgical steel, talons, tapering, tapers, teflon, teflon tape, titanium, tophats, tribal jewelry, vitamin e oil
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